About Us

Irish in Virginia came to life in the fall of 2009 as a social and community group dedicated to enjoying and promoting Irish culture and lifestyles. Music, hospitality, and shared experiences are a mainstay of the group. We have weekly meetups in pubs, homes, theaters, and sports events…all depending on what the group wants to do and what we can arrange. Most events are family friendly, single friendly, married friendly, and just mainly friendly.  Since the Irish experience is often based in travel, be it to start a new life or just get a bit of sun, you may find our group heading to any number of international events. travelling together, or helping others who are visiting Southeast Virginia.

We represent Ireland at the Hampton International Children’s Festival each April with a booth full of history, music, and fun. St Brendan and Grace O’Malley delight the crowds each year at the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Norfolk.  Samhain (Halloween) each year with a wee bonfire and spirits. We celebrate Christmas, St Brigid’s Day, National Margarita Day, St  Patrick’s Day, Octoberfest and more…. No one is ever allowed to be alone on any major holiday because at least one IIV family will invite you to their party… in the Irish way…

Are you qualified for membership?  Do you enjoy socializing? Are you willing to help out once in a while in a community event?  Are you able to live and let live? Then you belong with us!  Our members hail from many different cultural, ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds.

We do collect yearly dues to support the parade and children’s festival expenses. They are modest. 12 dollars for a single and 20 for a family (you define your own family).  Thanks!  Hope to see you soon!